Monday, June 13, 2011

Scheduled Off Day

Here is a wrap-up of last week.

June 7 - Cycle
4:41 pm
37 miles
1:50 ride time
20.18 mph
88 avg cadence
143 avg HR

June 8 - Run
6.33 miles
8:46 minute miles
avg HR 150

June 9 - Cycle
5:37 am (morning ride from home to Hains Point, loops, then back home)
50 miles
19.55 mph
85 avg cadence
136 avg HR

June 9 - Swim
7:01 pm

June 11 - Run
9:43 am
9.33 miles
8:01 minute miles
avg HR148

June 12 - Cycle
6:07 am
98 miles (Sugarloaf Mountain via Georgetown with Chuck and HF)
5:25:01 ride time
18 mph
avg cadence 85
132 avg HR

Friday, June 5, 2009

The Sky is the Limit - Ironman Arizona 2009

New year... new blog... new Ironman site (for me).

Click Here

Friday, January 30, 2009

Ironman Arizona - 2009

Now I've done it... I've gone and signed up for another Ironman. Ironman Arizona 2009.

More will be revealed.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What is the Meaning of Ironman?

My "Bash Bro" Simon Hernaez (a fellow Clydesdale) posted his race report from IMAZ. I am stealing a couple paragraphs and posting them here with a little bit of editing... as the words encapsulate the meaning of Ironman and triathlon in general to me. Though I didn't originally write these words... they explain how I feel.

"The elemental representation of Ironman must be Earth. It is the solid base of your activities for a year, and the rock upon which you repeatedly crush yourself to become stronger. Through the ebbs and flows of life, Ironman training is there: consistent, steady, looming. It takes the edge away when you are down, and sufficiently humbles you when you are high. Days like that were manageable because in the wings were my long swim, long bike, and long run – I had to focus on those. Ultimately I believe that having a quest like this improves your life. Apparently everything is supposed to suffer while you train for an IM, yet I was having fun."

"The great movie Kung Fu Panda had a saying, and it applies here: there is no secret ingredient, it’s just you. Ironman IS you, and it’s the best you. There are so few days in your life where the person you were raised to be, the person you were taught to be, the person you are expected to be, the person who you desperately hope to be, and the person that you actually ARE, are in fact the same person. This is one of those days. And you don’t even need to ask who that person is, because they tell you: “TJ Collins from Silver Spring, MD – you are an Ironman”. Don’t believe me? Try one: It will change you forever."

Sunday, November 23, 2008

IMAZ Results

KDOG IMAZ Race Report

Ironman Arizona

OK, this is it... the last race of the season...

Kirsten Emery-Lewis 2182
Chad Lewis 458
Andy Macdonald 601
Simon Hernaez 710
Guillermo Cabrera 862
Paul Evans 1152