Thursday, July 31, 2008

It's Official!!!

Here is an email from the race director of the New Jersey Triathlon:

From: "michele redrow"
Date: July 31, 2008 01:26:37 PM EDT
Subject: Re: 3rd Place Clydesdale

Yes you got 3rd place - but understand it may take us some time to "dig" out the awards but as soon as I do I will send it out to you.

Can you forward me your address?


I am officially 3rd Place Clydesdale at the 2008 New Jersey Triathlon, the Mid-Atlantic Region Club Championship.


John W. Hobgood, R.I.P.

The DC Tri Club is sending flowers to Mr. Hobgood's funeral service and we are taking up a collection to donate to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation in his name.


WEST WINDSOR - John W. Hobgood, 52, died Sunday competing in the New Jersey State Triathlon at Mercer County Park. Born in Orange, he was a resident of Lawrenceville for 23 years until recently moving to West Windsor. John was a mortgage banker with National City Mortgage for the past 20 years and was vice president of the Freehold branch.

He received both his bachelor's and master's in business and finance from Seton Hall University. He was involved with the Community Development Association Scholarship Committee for the past 10 years. John was also a member of the Montgomery-Rocky Hill Rotary Club for the past 14 years, currently serving as the treasurer, and was a member of the scholarship committee. He was also a recipient of a Paul Harris Fellow.

John was an avid cyclist and a member of Team Journey participating in the "MS 150" benefit ride for Multiple Sclerosis. He was very proud of his substantial fund raising goals he accomplished with this particular benefit. Son of the late John Hobgood Sr. and Lucille Adornato Hobgood; he is survived by his daughter, Ashley Carunchio and her husband Michael of Smyrna, DE; his son, Bryan Hobgood; his fiancee, Carol Stasko and her children, Nicole Mazurick and Jamie Stasko; his sister, Rozanna Cupo and her husband Anthony; a niece, Cassandra Cupo and his extended family of cycle club "Team Journey."

John's funeral will be held 9 a.m. Thursday at Poulson & Van Hise Funeral Directors, 650 Lawrence Road, Lawrenceville. A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated at 10 a.m. at the Church of St. Ann, 1253 Lawrence Road, Lawrenceville. Burial will be in the Lawrenceville Cemetery. Friends may call Wednesday from 6 to 9 p.m. at the funeral home. Memorial contributions may be made to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, Central and South Jersey Affiliate, 2 Princess Road, Suite D, Lawrenceville, NJ 08648 or to the Montgomery-Rocky Hill Rotary Foundation Inc., PO Box 333, Rocky Hill, NJ 08553.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

New Jersey Triathlon Results

The results are in. I placed 3rd in the Clydesdale Division with a time of 2:31:33. Well, this is still not official as when they handed out awards today at the race site, I was listed as 4th place finisher and someone else got the third place award. Either way, it was still a Personal Record (PR) for an Olympic Distance Triathlon. PR by over 13 minutes. If the web site turns out to be correct, it will the first time I've ever placed at a race. The race was the Regional Club Championship, too... so there were a lot of good athletes there. For the fourth year in a row, the DC Triathlon Club won the Regional Club Championship.

Although this post won't be a race report, it will be a long entry. There are several things I have to write about.

Triathlon Gear

There is so much gear that is required for triathlon. One of my biggest fears is that I'll forget something. And, even though there is all this stuff, it is all necessary for a good race. For the swim you need goggles and a swim cap. I also need a nose clip and ear plugs. For the bike, you need a helmet and bike shoes. I also wear a fanny pack with an extra tube and bike tools in it. I wear sunglasses on the bike, too. For the run, you need run shoes, a race belt for your number and I wear a hat. Of course, you need nourishment, too. Race bottles, gel flasks and I also wear a heart rate monitor.

Funny Story
I get to the race site on time without any problems. I didn't have to sit in traffic and was there in plenty of time. I setup my transition area and then hob nobbed around and chatted with other club members. Then I sent to the porta potty. Then I hob nobbed around some more and then went back to my transition area. A USAT official was standing there and appeared to be looking at my bike. I nonchalantly walked up and he asked me, "Is this your bike?" I replied that it was and then he told me, "well, you're in the wrong rack." Sure enough, I was. If I was number 2041, I would have been in the right rack. Unfortunately, I was number 2401. So, there are like 10 guys standing around setting up their transition areas, witnessing this. I feel like a total boob but turn it into a comedy routine. "Just making sure you guys at USAT are on the ball." I then wear out that I'm growing old and may need help with the swim start time or directions on the course. "I get confused!" It was funny but still... after my fall the day before, I'm starting to get a little worried about my mental faculties.

This is the third open water swim in a row where I have felt no fear or nervousness. Totally oblivious to any risk. The total opposite of my first three open water swims as a triathlete. Essentially, I panicked each time. Now... don't even give it a thought. My swim cruised along today but the third turn had us going into the sun and I had a very hard time sighting. It definitely cost me some time as I slowed my stroke and also weaved a little.

I smoked the bike course. It was very flat and there was a little wind but not as bad as yesterday. There were a lot of turns, too. But, I felt great on the bike. I was anaerobic the whole ride. My average heart rate was 162! My average cadence was 97. I was really working it and kept a great pace. The fact that my bike time was only 19 seconds off that of Eric Goetz is very encouraging to me. I know he's still recovering from RaaM and Total 200. My time was only five minutes off that of the first place male.

There is no doubt that I got stronger as we went along. The worst mile was the first. The best was the last. This is very encouraging as this is one area that I've been working to improve. Historically, I have faltered on the run. I want to have negative splits... where the second half of my run is faster than the first. I believe I did that today and I managed to run down some people in my division.

Triathlon in General
I love triathlon. I felt very happy to be out there today. I enjoyed every minute of it. I like the people, especially those in our Club. We have an eclectic group. The variety of the disciplines, the challenge of the clock and the other athletes and all the other idiosyncrasies such as gear, transitions and nourishment, just make it all the more interesting. I LOVE THIS SPORT!

I need to be careful not to rest on my laurels. This was a checkpoint on the way to my A race... Ironman Florida. Progress so far has been right on target and schedule. I need to stick to my plan so that I can achieve my true goal... 12:15 Ironman Florida time.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Live Report from NJ Triathlon Race Site

This is cub reporter Tj Collins breaking news from the site of the 2008 New Jersey Triathlon. The lake is nice but warm. 86 degree water dictates that wet suits will not be worn during the swim. The bike course is flat, fast and relatively uneventful. Some corn fields and some residential areas. I'm happy to report that I did a test ride with newly minted Ironman Joe Coyne.

Prior to that, I had done a half hour loop and wouldn't you know it... I fell off my bike at the end of the ride. In full view of like thirty people. I had returned from the ride, was riding up to the pavilion where you check in... I was looking at the signs for my race number range (I'm #2401)... as I had taken my eye off the road surface I didn't see the pile of sand that made me come to a halt and fall to my left. I skinned my knee and laid on my back and laughed out loud.

Extremely large contingent of DC Tri Club members are present and on site already. I think a full 10% of the race participants will be DC Tri Club members. Pretty awesome.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Trust the Taper

"The harder I work, the luckier I get." So said Sam Goldwyn who obviously never tapered for a triathlon.

It is undoubtedly one of the hardest things for the triathlete to do. Cut back on the volume and more importantly, the intensity of workouts. I've done it a couple of different ways... no activity at all... which I don't think worked out too well for me... and the opposite, training as if there was no race on Saturday (or Sunday)... leaving me a little gassed when exiting T2 on race day.

This week, I've been trying to do what I have been told to do. I rode Tuesday, but only for 15 miles. I kept my heart rate in Zone 2, for the most part. Yesterday's run was only about 7.5 miles and the average heart rate was 134. Just kind of trucking along. I lifted on Monday and yesterday. Last nights session left out a couple of lifts so I could keep the session to 35 minutes.

I took a tip I learned from this guy I rode with in Rehoboth on 4th of July weekend. He said on his EZ bike day, he rides his beach cruiser bike. That way, he CAN'T overdo as the bike simply won't let him. I got out my old Schwinn yesterday and rode it to the gym for the weightlifting session. I cruised around the neighborhood and up Sligo Creek Parkway for a little bit before cutting over to LA Fitness. So, I rode for about 20 minutes there and back. I didn't wear bike shoes (or a helmet!) and just dawdled around.

Of course, in my mind, I'm going... "this can't be good. I should have been at Hains Point this morning". "Maybe I can get in 20 - 30 miles Saturday on the bike course in NJ."


So, here it is... 5:43 am on a Friday morning... I'm heading over to the YMCA for my Friday swim... low volume... low intensity. I'll probably do three 500s and call it a day. Nice and easy. Leave some gas for Sunday.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Murphy's Law of Triathlon

Recognize this feeling? It's the final week before a triathlon. Your one goal switches from training hard to avoiding a freak injury or getting sick. Household hazards appear out of nowhere. Strangers appear to turn in your direction and cough. Someone wants you to help them lift a heavy object and move it "over there". This is the plight of the triathlete and I suspect it happens to professional athletes, too.

So, Jessica Rose has come down with a virus and has been sick all week. Our nightly "tuck in bed and kiss goodnight" have turned into loud "good night" admonitions from the door. At work. a guy who works for me has been hacking up a lung all week. I won't let him in my office and I've been using a paper towel in my hand before opening any doors around the office. Then, last night, I took Mike W. down to Annapolis for the Sterling dinner and he announces as we pull away from my house that he's had a cold all week! I'm in a car with the windows up, recycling air with a guy who has the sniffles and is coughing!

Evidently, I am destined to come down with something. Normally the way this works is that the night before the race, the sore throat will start with a little sniffle, and then I'll wake up race morning and be achy all over. Great.

The week before Eagleman 2005, I got a sinus infection from swimming in Reston Lake at the Jim McDonnell Lake Swim and was not feeling well at all on race day. Ironman Florida 2006 found me with a crick in my neck. The kind where if you turn your head in one direction, it is uncomfortable and you look funny. Always a joy riding a bike 112 miles with a crick in your neck. And the swim! Of course the position of the sun dictated that I turn my head in the direction of the crick. The Thursday before Columbia 2007, Jessica Rose ran down the steps and jumped on me at the bottom, full force. Her leg jammed into my quad giving me a charlie horse that didn't go away until about three days after the race.

So, today is Thursday. I feel good now but I have a wary eye on events around me. Murphy's Law of Triathlon dictates that what can do wrong, will go wrong. Motorcycle ride, anyone?

Monday, July 21, 2008

Swim Team Banquet

I'm really proud of the Franklin Knolls swim team. My daughter made her first A meets this year and was a first place finisher in one of her meets. That was a first. The coaches were all great, all of the kids appear to have bright futures and the parents showed their commitment by volunteering and making sure it all happened. Even *I* manned the grill at a couple of meets and cooked for over 150 people in 90+ degree weather over a hot grill and did timing at a couple of meets.

But... golly gee... did the banquet have to be 5+ hours long? Last night, we were at Argyle Country Club from 5 pm to 10:15 pm. My opinion is that if a swim team banquet is longer than a high school graduation that there may be an issue with poor time management. Just my opinion...

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Training State Update

Some people live in a Red State. Some live in a Blue State. I live in a State of constant training. And, here is my latest update. I have had four off days in this past two week period. The Total 200 had a lot to do with that. Additionally, my second tri of the season is a week from today. I got swim sessions in three days in a row. Today, I swam at Hains Point. Swimming there is good as it is a 50 meter pool and it more closely approximates an open water swim as there are less turns. My swimming is slow, I believe... but my endurance is fine. It is very possible that next week we will not be able to swim with a wet suit. The water will be too warm.

I intend to taper this week so don't expect to see high mileage the next time I post an update. I have remained constant with my two weightlifting sessions a week and have also got in two core sessions each week. My diet, although overall has been good, has not been as rigid as would have liked. I really need some help sticking to my diet plan.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Jessica Rose

JR turns 11 years old today. She's a great kid. Linda and I are very blessed to have her in our life. I love her more than anything else in the world.

So, that means a lot of activity today. Started off the day with a bike ride. Blowing out the in 56 miles in just under 3 hours. We were averaging about 19 MPH on a tough ride. Capitol Hill to Seneca and back. Lots of hills... Mountain Gate, Old Anglers Inn, Esworthy, River Road and Massachusetts Avenue. It was a beautiful morning... blue sky... sunny and not too humid for the ride. Everything is green. Very nice.

It was kind of a strange ride, however. There were six of us, all good riders. But, we got separated out on MacArthur and at one point on Seneca, two of us were going one way and the other four passed by us going in the other direction. That was second time on the ride that I passed others on the ride with me going in the other direction. In fact, we didn't all finish together and to be honest, I don't know if one of the riders made it back or not as I didn't see her after we got on 66 heading towards Hains Point.

When I got home, I took JR and Linda out for birthday brunch. I ate like a horse. We're heading over to the pool now... JR and a bunch of her girlfriends will be there together and we're going to do a little pizza and cake about 4:30. Good times... but I'm worn out already!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Back on the Horse

Got up early for the first time this week. Went to the YMCA for my Friday morning swim with a training buddy. She was a running a little late so I went in first. The pool is very peaceful in the morning. The lifeguard there did his first triathlon last week... Diamond in the Rough. He made a good time and is now signed up for DiamondMan. Another one hooked.

The swim was uneventful. I did 4 x 500 for a total swim of 2000 meters in about 46 minutes. My body still feels tired. I ran 10 miles on Wednesday in the hot and humid late afternoon. Probably not a good idea. Should have gone out for only an hour or so. I was toasted yesterday and didn't get any training in.

I'm glad I got the swim in and will lift weights at lunch today. Do some core work, too. Don't know what the weekend will bring but I should probably get back on the bike.

Check out what the training buddy rides to Friday morning swim sessions:

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ready for More

I haven't done anything since Total 200. Well, I cleaned my bike. I bought a new computer, too. A Blackbook... a Black Macbook. Very nice.

But, no training. For two days, the stage has been dark. However... just now after lunch today... Tuesday... I have started getting the urge again. I have my gym bag with me. Perhaps a swim and weighlifting session after work. Definitely on for a run tomorrow morning. And... back on the bike Thursday morning down at Hains Point. I got some chafing in my nether regions from Saturday's ride but it has dried out and I think I'll be fine back in the saddle.

I know... TMI... at least I didn't post a photo or video!


Sunday, July 13, 2008

One Day, One Ride, 200 Miles

Ben Hur. The Godfather. Apocalypse Now. Hollywood is known for its epic motion pictures. Eric Goetz should be known for putting on an epic bicycle ride.

On Saturday, July 12, I rode a bicycle from Capitol Hill in Washington DC to Point Lookout, MD... located at the confluence of the Potomac River and the Chesapeake Bay. I then rode my bike back to Capitol Hill. Round trip, I came up with 202 miles on my bike computer. Ride time was just at 10 hours. There is a lot more to the story, however.

To put the ride into the context of this blog, consider the following. I wanted to do this ride as some of my friends were doing it, they had done it in the past (so I felt left out), I wanted to use the preparation for it as motivation for training and I wanted to push my limits, again. So, on all counts, the ride was a success. It was certainly an adventure, one I will never forget.

Lessons learned...

1. Always bring a credit card with you on such a long ride. You figure I would have known that already, as I often do that, even on mere 50 miles rides. Yesterday, I had $20 cash on me and I needed $68 more.

2. Nutrition is as important as riding fitness. I nailed my nutrition and was comfortably able to make it through the ride. Others were not so fortunate. I discovered a new product that I'll begin using. At mile 150 of the ride, I started cramping. I took some Endurolytes at the next rest stop and was without cramps the rest of the ride.

3. Knowing how to work on your own bike can save you time and money. I got two flats on the ride. Being a boob when it comes to bike mechanics resulted in me losing time on the ride and also money as I had to pay others to do for me what I couldn't do for myself.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Total 200

Capitol Hill. To Point Lookout. And back. 200 miles. In one day. On a bike.

Total 200 is tomorrow. By this time tomorrow, I'll probably have gotten 40 - 50 miles in already.

More will be revealed...

Thursday, July 10, 2008


I weighed myself at the gym today. I am down to 196 pounds. That is the weight I was at for Ironman Florida 2006. Readers of this blog know that I'm looking to get down to 190 pounds. So, I only have 6 more pounds to go. Started this out at 214.

The results of the weigh-in were surprising as 4th of July weekend was a no holds barred eating fest. I had it all... pizza, fries, chips, desserts, whole milk latte's and probably a case of diet coke from Wednesday through Monday. It all started at the swim meet Wednesday night as I was working the grill. I think I had three cheeseburgers and a hot dog.

When I went to work Monday, I was planning on getting back to normal. However, yesterday, I had a major slip and ate steak & cheese sub at lunch with a plate of fries. Then, last night at the swim meet, I had another burger, some pizza and more fries.

A brief word about last night's swim meet... Jessica Rose was in 1st place for 9 - 10 year old girls in the 50 meter freestyle. I am very proud of her but am concerned... she'll probably be swimming faster than me by next summer.

But, I digress. I was very happy when I stepped off the scale today... now I just have to stick to my diet routine. I'm looking to get through Labor Day without any more slips... no pizza, chips, desserts, latte, fries, soda or other unhealthy trigger foods that can leave me short of my 190 pound goal.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Bug Light

On Thursday of last week, I went down to the lifeguard station and asked if there were any organized open water swims planned. They referred me to the Rehoboth Beach Running Company for more information. So, I walked up there and got to talking. There was going to be a swim on Friday at noon and there was going to be a brick that evening. I decided to do both and said I'd be back ready to clip in at 5:30 pm that evening.

When I got there, it appeared several other tri geeks were "in the know", too. About a dozen of us were there and headed out. After the ride, we returned to the shop and started to transition for the run. A young woman was kind of spacing around the store and we got to talking. She was peeved that she missed the ride but expressed interest in a run. Turns out, she had just got into town from Charlotte, NC and had her running gear in the car. She changed real quick and we headed out.

Kelsey (the girl from Charlotte), Mary Beth (owner of Rehoboth Beach Running Company) and I set out at a fast pace for a half hour run. Getting to talking, Mary Beth let it slip out that she was doing Ironman Florida with her husband this year. Small world, huh.

Then, on Saturday's ride, I caught this guy on the ride who was obviously a triathlete (the tricked out Orbea, one piece tri suit and really fit physique were the dead giveaways). We got to talking while making a quick water stop and he's doing Ironman Florida, too. He had done Ironman Louisville last year so this is his second Ironman. Guy's name is Brandt Chi. Strong rider but an even better runner. We might hook up again later this year for some training time together.

The point of this post is that long bike rides, open water swims, running stores... these are like bug lights for triathletes. We all seem to congregate around these activities and make connections.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Training Update

I just finished my highest volume of biking in a single week in this training season. This was planned as the Total 200 is on Saturday. I'll probably only bike one day this coming week, on Thursday, as I taper a bit for what is to come on Saturday.

I also completed my first Open Water Swim of the season. Friday, we swam in the ocean for about 40 minutes. I swam against the current so it was a good exercise. I felt very comfortable and had not nervousness at all. I was swimming very strong and felt good in the sleeveless wet suit. The swim also came after a 60 mile bike ride, so it was a brick workout.

Last week, I completed my longest run of the training season, too. 14.5 miles on a solo run. My two other runs were part of brick workouts while down at the beach.

So, I'm definitely dialed in on the training. Right where I am supposed to be. The rest of the month will bring some work to prep for Total 200 and the New Jersey Triathlon. It's a flat course and I've been kicking around the idea of trying to break 2:30 on that course. I think it's possible... if I did a 70 minute bike, 50 minute run that would give me another 30 minutes for the swim and transition.

If there is one thing that I've learned... ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. The body can do so much more if the mind will just let it.

Sense of Accomplishment

Is this you? You've done laundry, completed several items on your "honey-do" list and completed other necessary tasks. But, you still feel like you haven't done anything. Because you haven't gotten a workout in yet. Does this describe you?

It happened to me today. I was supposed to ride with Chad and KDOG this morning. Even left the beach a day early to go out on a ride with them. However, Jessica Rose and I wound up leaving the beach about 8 pm. I was toast from all the training since Wednesday so I got a quad venti latte for the ride. We got home at 10:30 pm and I unpacked and all that stuff, finally turning in at 11:30 pm.

Then I lay there and waited for sleep to take over. I waited until 4 am. Seriously. I tried everything... reading, eating, watching TV, counting sheep... and nothing.

So, when the alarm went off at 5 am, I missed it. Chad texted me at 6:41 am... essentially saying, Where are you? Somehow, the Blackberry vibration awoke and I was able to respond with a, "I'm not going to make it."

I slept until 10 am after that. I was still toast from all the training this past week so I proceeded to get a bunch of stuff done. Laundry, washed dishes, cleaned, took care of some finances and other stuff.

By 2 pm, I was feeling like the day was getting away from me. I really felt like I hadn't done anything at all, even though I had in fact done a lot. I was itching to get out on a ride and texted some training buddies to see what was up. Nobody could join me.

So, at 2:30 pm, I clipped in and set out myself. I got in 48 miles in 2:23 with an average HR of 136. I did a ride I've never done before... out to Colesville, up New Hampshire Avenue to Ashton, out 108 to Olney and down Fieldcrest to 124 and Gaithersburg. It was essentially an out and back.

When I returned home, I was like, whew... now I've done something with my day. A tremendous sense of accomplishment.

DC Tri Club Training Tri Results

Here are the results from the Training Tri held on 6/21/2008.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Flat and Fast

Just back from the beach. Rode three days in a row. Brick on Thursday evening. Long Ride Friday morning. This morning, I was just going to pop out for a bit with Jessica Ann and Gary but wound up doing 40 miles in under 2 hours. Picking them up and laying them down.

Highway One in Delaware is perfect training for Ironman Florida. Flat and fast. Windy, too. Sometimes the wind works for you and sometimes against you.

We also worked in an open water swim on Friday in the ocean. Swam against the current, of course. What can I say... I'm dumb as rocks.

More later as I have an early am ride with Chad and KDOG tomorrow. I hope I have some gas left...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I Don't Want to Run. I Can't Stop Running.

I woke up late today... 4:45 am. Supposed to do a long run. Definitely was dragging ass. No oatmeal so I ate cereal, which isn't agreeable to my stomach on a long run. Was thinking up thousands of excuses not to run. No running partner today. Busy day planned at work. I stretched out and then said, get going cowboy. You have to get 'er done.

So, I bounded out of the house at 6 am and started putting one foot in front of the other. I don't really feel like running kept going through my mind. After 20 minutes, that thought was gone. I ran without the iPod today and my mind wandered all over the place. Work... 4th of July weekend... Ironman... blue sky... Total 200... Obama vs. McCain...

Next thing I know, an hour had gone by. And I was in a rhythym. I ran from my house, through the neighborhood, down Flower all the way to New Hampshire. I stopped by Chad's Chamber on the way back up Sligo and ran all the way to Arcola. Then, I circled back home.

At this point, I was getting somewhat disappointed as the run was going to end in about 20 minutes. Amazing. I don't want to run. I can't stop running. All within 120 minutes of each other.

Tale of the tape... 14.5 miles in 127 minutes. Average heart rate... 142. And, it was easy. Could have gone further. I believe that is less than 9 minute miles over 14.5 miles. This is starting to get a little crazy.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Race Season

For me, today is the beginning of race season. July 2008 will bring my first race of the year, the New Jersey Triathlon on July 27. I am doing the Total 200, a 200 bike ride, on July 12. Four months from today, I'll be participating in Ironman Florida. So, this really is the start of race season.

So, I started by having a rest day. A rest day is often overlooked in a triathlete's training regimen. Especially if the person is named TJ Collins. I haven't truly had a day off in some time. June 14 was my last "off" day. On Monday's when I haven't swam, biked or run, I did lift weights and do a core workout. Today, I haven't done anything. Well, I did walk to work, a 25 minute walk. And, I did ride a bike home from work. But, it is less than 2 miles and the first mile is all downhill. Hmmm... for me it is an off day but would that technically be considered an off day?

Psychologically, I feel pretty good about my race prospects. I've had some breakthrough workouts and I definitely gained some confidence at the Training Tri. I wish they would post the results already.

This weekend, I'm going down to the beach and I intend to take advantage of some training opportunities. Hopefully, I'll get an ocean swim in. I'm doing a 100 mile bike ride. And, tomorrow... long run... going to get a two hour run in. Longest run so far thi season.