Saturday, February 9, 2008

Dropping Like Flies

OK, I've got another tri-buddy down. This time, it is my sister Jessica. She has a stress fracture on her right leg and now won't participate in the Big Sur Marathon in April. I think this jeopardizes her doing the Columbia Triathlon in May.

I feel fortunate that I haven't been injured but my training ride last Saturday and run/swim workout on Sunday didn't help my flu symptoms. I was feeling about 90% last Saturday morning but by Sunday night, I was definitely drained again. I didn't do anything this week until yesterday, Friday. I did a light weightlifting routine and rode on stationary bike for 20 minutes. I think I'm finally, fully recovered from the flu and am ready to get back to work, as per my previous post.

My heart rate monitor needed a battery so I bought one this week and actually used my HRM yesterday. First time I've strapped it on since Timberman last August.

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