Monday, February 4, 2008

Get to Work

Last week was a disaster for training. I had done some good work on Saturday and Sunday but then woke up sick as a dog Monday morning. The cold or flu or whatever it was stayed with me all week, keeping me out of the gym and off my off season training regimen.

Feeling somewhat better on Saturday enabled me to get on my bike and ride in 50 degree + weather. I knocked out a solo 28 mile ride from Crownsville, MD down to the Annapolis City Dock and back in 90 minutes. I rode the new Cervelo and a couple of impressions I have so far with the new bike are how much faster I can accelerate and also how much more aero I appear to be when riding. It helped that the ride was mostly downhill on the way out with the wind behind me and then on the way back, my effort level had to increase to fight the wind and navigate the increase in elevation. It was a good workout and I felt good on the bike.

Yesterday, was the DC Tri Club 10k/5k race. I ran in the 10k and was definitely off my usual pace. My finish time was 52 minutes and change and I was feeling tightness in my quads for at least 2/3 of the run. I felt pretty good on the first 5k but then walked for about 90 seconds as I took water after the first loop. I was passed by several people on the second loop and wasn't able to step on the accelerator as I neared the finish line. This run illustrated the thing that I REALLY want to improve this year... being able to finish stronger on the run.

I did do another loop with KDOG after the race... it was at an easy pace and actually increased my confidence level as I was easily able to bang that out. It meant that I ran 9 miles in all on a warm Super Bowl Sunday Morning.

After getting some nutrition, we went to Eastern Market and did a swim workout. My legs were cramping, especially on the kick drills, and my swim form is really quite poor right now.

So, it's early in the year. But, it is pretty clear to me that it is time to start getting back to work. I need to get my swim form in order, start working the bike into my regular training routine and work to improve my run times so that I have enough gas to have a faster run on the second half on the run course.

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Chad L said...

You should have eaten more pepper bacon...then you wouldn't have had cramps!!!