Saturday, May 3, 2008

Bike Week

Now that the weather has warmed up, it has enabled me to get outside and bike. I wore out Hains Point last week. Four times in one week I went round and round and round. On the heels of my 78 mile ride down at the beach, I've managed to get in about two hundred miles in a week. I'm really digging the Cervelo and feel that it is likely I'll have improved bike times this year.

The DC Tri Club is doing a brick workout today on the Columbia Triathlon course and I'm prepping for today's activities.

As noted earlier this week, there are now less than six months to go until Ironman Florida. The first six months of training broke down like this:

38 miles

1066 miles

311 miles

In preparation for Ironman Florida 2006, I swam 100 miles, biked 4052 and ran 879 miles. That includes the four races I did that year leading up to IM FL. Looking at where I was at in 2006 at this time of the year, my training numbers aren't that far off. I had done less swimming (30 miles) but 1279 miles on the bike and 340 miles of running. And, I was training for Columbia and Eagleman that year... two early season races.

My diet has been very different and I have been much stricter with my core workouts. I still weigh in at 202 lbs. but this is good as I've been lifting heavy for over a month now. In June when I start drop the heavy weights and increase my mileage, I anticipate being able to drop more weight rather quickly. Hot weather helps with that, too.

All in all... I'm right on target. OK... gotta go and do the hills of Columbia.

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