Monday, May 5, 2008

Brick by Brick

The brick workout. A triathlon staple. It consists of doing two triathlon-disciplines in essentially one workout. Typically, a bike/run it can also consist of swim with a run or bike. This past weekend, I got in two bricks.

The DC Tri Club put on a "BrickNic" on Saturday on the Columbia Triathlon course. We rode the course and then followed that by running the course. The Columbia Tri is known as the "Beast of the East" as it consists of many hills. I've been on the course probably a hundred times so I know it pretty well. I rode/ran with a training buddy and we did very well, I thought. The wind was behind us on the way out on the bike. I felt great. On the run, the sun had come out and heated things up but we managed to run the whole course without stopping or walking. This was followed by the cookout, my favorite part of the workout.

On Sunday, KDOG and I did a trail run and then a group of us went over to Takoma and swam laps. My legs didn't cramp although they pinched up a few times like they would. It was a beautiful day and Rock Creek Park is really stunning this time of year. The workout was again followed by food. Chad and I had quite a spread at the Parkway Deli in Silver Spring, MD.

Today will be pretty much a rest day although I will lift weights after work. I only lifted twice last week and as the training volume has increased somewhat, my weightlifting has tailed off some. I need to stick to the heavy routine through this month and then I can fall back into twice a week with light weights/high reps.

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