Thursday, April 10, 2008

Home Alone

Well, almost alone. Linda is in Atlanta for the weekend so Jessica Rose and I have the house to ourselves. It will put a crimp in the training but this is a good thing as I need a taper week. Next weekend, I'm going to the beach and I intend to do some hard training while I'm down there. I have been sticking to the heavy weightlifting and got in a good session this past Tuesday with a guy from work who is pretty strong. I rode the stationary bike Tuesday and today and have not been in the pool since Sunday. I'll swim tomorrow at lunch. Today was the first real spring day so far. I think it went into the 70s and the sun even broke out for a while.

Speaking of Jessica Rose... she's done a couple of triathlon's herself. You can see her do her thing at Timberkids 2007 at about 2:44 of this video.

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