Sunday, April 6, 2008

She's Back

Today's title has a couple of meanings. First, my sister Jessica is cleared for training. You may recall that she had a stress fracture. Her doctor has allowed her to get back out there and today we did a spur-of-the-moment tour of the Columbia Triathlon bike course. The course is kind of hilly. Ahem. That is the other reference in today's title. This is the tri bike course I have ridden the most. And those hills... well, they're still there.

Anyway, Jessica looked good on the course. She comfortably biked the course 15 minutes faster than her Columbia Tri 2007 bike time. Way to go, kid. Her husband Gary accompanied us and he looked good, too. I think he'll be ready come next month. 41 days to race day! To top it off, tomorrow is their anniversary. Congratulations!

I've switched up my weight lifting routine to a heavy mix of chest/arms one day, legs the next and then shoulders/back. This is followed by a rest day and then do the cycle again. I've been consistent with this through two cycles (started March 31) as well as run, bike and even swim.

I'll be doing heavy weights in April and May. Then, I'll switch it up again. Last thing to report... I'm down to 202 lbs.


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jadaigle said...

It was Gary's first ride with his clip-ins so I'm impressed. Thanks for meeting us!