Sunday, April 20, 2008

Nice Weather at Last!!!

TJ swimming a lap at Rehoboth Beach, DE YMCA

Tremendous weather over the weekend resulted in some good training sessions. I was able to bike long on Friday and got in a 78 mile ride. It took me about four hours and fifteen minutes. Miles 40 - 60 were the hardest as I was on my way back to the beach and riding into a head wind. Additionally, I haven't ridden that long in a while so I was somewhat gassed at that point. But, I'm still pretty happy with being able to rip off a almost 80 mile ride and still get other training sessions in around that.

I had a weekend of healthy eating for the most part but I did have two slices of pepperoni pizza, french fries, fried calamari and a little bowl of ice cream. Tomorrow, I start back on the new normal eating routine which has served me well so far.

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