Thursday, June 26, 2008

Are you out of your mind?

OK, so my buddy did Ironman CDA on Sunday. His time was just under 14 hours. Great job, Adam! So, what the meant is that signups for IM CDA 2009 started on Monday. On Tuesday, I noticed the race still had not filled. I circulated an email observing that fact and asked the question, "anyone interested"? A couple of people didn't even bother responding. Chad and KDOG said, "it's not part of *our* plans next year." My sister considered it for 24 hours and passed... claiming she's not ready. (like... are you ever really "ready"?)

After another 12 hours, I have come to the conclusion that I am out of my mind to even consider signing up. I mean, I'm still working on Ironman Florida 2008. IM CDA is on June 21, 2009. That would mean after IM FL, I'd take a month or two off and then get right back into the kind of crazy training regimen that I am in. It is very time consuming. Additionally, signup for the race is $525. This is an expensive sport. I've already spent over $5,600 this year on Ironman. By November 3, 2008, I believe I will be able to trace over $10,000 of expenses directly to Ironman Florida.

So, it would dominate my time and would be very costly. Why would I consider this? Am I out of my mind?

I love triathlon. I really like going long. Our current morning training bike rides that are over after 90 minutes leave me somewhat unfulfilled. The challenge of pushing harder is very rewarding when goals are achieved. The feeling of serenity on a long swim, bike or run is not easy to describe in words. The fellowship with my training buddies is real and unfiltered.

But, there is definitely a toll. My clothes smell. My car stinks. As I am writing this, I am definitely over tired. I haven't hung out with any non-triathlon friends since January. I haven't washed my car since April. Triathlon, and more specifically, Ironman training is kind of like being addicted to a drug... it can squeeze everything else in your life out, if you let it. It has definitely been a challenge balancing work, family, community, spirituality and triathlon.


I keep coming back to the idea of signing up... registration is still open.

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Anonymous said...

TJ - I'll do it if you do it...simon...we are nuts