Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hot & Humid

Summer Washington DC weather rolled into town over the weekend, producing the steamy training conditions that will prevail into September. I managed to squeeze a run into a overbooked Saturday and got a long ride in this morning. 73 solo miles in just under 4 hours in Howard and Anne Arundel counties. Drank plenty of fluids. I've dialed in on sipping every twenty minutes, taking a hammer gel every 45 minutes and eating a Clif bar every 90 minutes. This plan keeps my nutrition in line and keeps me from bonking.

Swim today was in the Hains Point pool. It is 50 meters so you have half the turns. It is outdoors, too. The past week was my highest volume of swimming yet in the training year.

I haven't posted my workout log in the past 4 weeks... so... in case you were curious... here it is:

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