Sunday, June 22, 2008

Checkpoint Charlie

A few items of note:

- Training Tri: The DC Tri Club did a training tri yesterday. I participated. It was intended to be a checkpoint... a way to see if I'm making any progress. I'm happy to report that things went well. The official results aren't in but I had my best time ever in the DC Tri Training Triathlon. The big difference was the run. I did the 5k with a pace under 8 minute miles. Not fast for many but definitely good for me. Additionally, a peer of mine... Paul Evans... finished behind me. I passed him on the bike and on the run as he appears to transition faster than I do. I went out strong on the bike and kept up the pace on the run but didn't really kick it until the last 200 yards. Then I went to another gear and that is when I passed Paul. Only one person passed me the whole race... some guy went by me on the bike and definitely dropped me.

- Sunday Training: Chad and KDOG were out of town this weekend, so I had to come up with a different Sunday training plan. I texted, emailed and phone several people. No one got back to me. I started feeling kind of sorry for myself and even imagined that no one else was interested in training with me. Paul offered to hook up when we were chatting at the training tri so we locked a plan. Unfortunately, Sunday morning, an equipment failure prevented Paul from making the ride.

However, I saw that Kip had finally replied to my text overture and I called him at 7 am. A quick word about this concept... triathletes will communicate with each other at times that most people would consider abnormal. Those of you who know me know that I wake early. So, sometimes... event with tri people, I can be a pest with early morning communication. So, I called Kip reluctantly. "Hello?" Kips groggy voice answered my call. I started by asking, "Is this too early to call?". Always quick witted, he replied, "I guess not." He agreed to ride and we got in about 53 miles from Hains Point out to Seneca and back. We hit all the hills... Mountain Gate, Old Anglers Inn, Esworthy and Massachusetts Avenue.

When we returned to Hains Point, Paul met up with me and we had some lunch and then got in 2000 in the Hains Point pool. I went over to Conte's later and, bless their hearts, they took great care of me. I bought some bike shorts that I intend to wear at the Total 200 which is not less than 3 weeks away.

Oh yeah... it was my first ride with the HydroTail loaded up. It was on the bike for the training tri but I didn't have anything in it. My spare tube fell out and got twisted in my bike wheel. Then, on the Whitehurst Freeway, an almost empty water bottle came out. Gone forever.

- Ironman Coeur d'Alene: A person I met through work is doing his first Ironman today. His name is Adam Edwards and I've been tracking his progress today here. We met at a Covad Partner Summit. I think we got to talking because I was wearing an Ironman hat, of course. He had done the California 70.3 earlier that spring. I think some friends were already influencing him to do a full Ironman but I like to think that my eyewitness account helped tip the balance. He has had some injury issues during training but had a clean bill of health today. Go get 'em Adam!

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