Friday, June 27, 2008

Training Weekend

I woke up at 4:45 am this morning. Yeah, I know... it was late. But, I was zapped. Work has been busy this week and I grilled for the swim team at Wednesday's swim meet. I cooked 125 hamburgers in like 45 minutes. We had to setup and clean up, too. In 90 degree weather.

So, I woke up and went to the pool at the YMCA to meet my training buddy, Colette. We've been doing long swims on Friday mornings. When I got to the pool, I realized I had forgot my googles, ear plugs and nose clip. I need these items to keep the water out of my head. I used to get sinus infections before I started using the plugs and clip.

So, I'm already a little pissed off and cranky. I leave, not in a huff, but I was definitely not pleasant. What to do... go to the LA Fitness and lift? Swim later? Go straight to work because I have a 9 am meeting with Council person Nancy Floreen? I decide to go back home, find my stuff and return to the pool. My swim, though uninspired, did get completed. I did a 2500 meter swim in like 55 minutes. Then, at lunch, I went to LA Fitness and did the weightlifting workout.

My usual training buddies are out of town Sunday. So, I have to scare up some fresh meat to train with. Kip is out of town, too. Mike and Wendy haven't ramped up the mileage yet. Simon is riding later in the day. Colette is doing the General Smallwood Triathlon. Hmm... what do do...

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