Monday, September 29, 2008

Bubble Boy No Longer

The bubble in my eye is gone. I'll miss it. But, good riddance. Saturday and Sunday I wore my contact lenses for the first time on my respective bike rides of 41.5 and 73 miles. It was a good thing too, as it rained both days. Very soggy and humid weekend. I felt really good, especially as the rides progressed and I believe I was stronger towards the end of each ride. This coming weekend, I'm going to push it up to 100 miles and I have a 14 mile long run on Wednesday.

Yesterday was the first day that Chad, KDOG and I trained together since August 9 at Deep Creek Lake. Chad was dropping us on the ride that day and KDOG and I each having extended time off from training only widened the gap in his favor. He dropped us with relative ease and I suspect was going at least 2 mph faster than each of us when we were at top speed.

I see the doctor a week from today and I'll be lobbying harder than Nancy Pelosi in order to get cleared to swim again. Though I still have some blur and spiders, I just can't see how I can be held back from competing on November 1. Stay tuned...

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The Lazy Triathlete said...

Rock on!! Thats great news. I will be pulling for you. Do we need to threaten the doc?