Friday, September 5, 2008

In a Holding Pattern

Here is the update on my health status:

- My retina is re-attached.
- The tears have been closed.
- I still have a gas bubble in my eye, although it is slowly being absorbed into my eye.
- I still have floaters in both eyes and my right eye has blurry vision and black dots in my field of vision.
- The doctor has not cleared me to drive a a car.
- I have not done any training since August 17 and have not been cleared to do any physical activity at all, other than walking.
- I have a follow-up doctor appointment today at 1 pm.

So, I am in a holding pattern at this time. I have done a great deal of walking this week. I've walked at least 30 minutes each day this week. I have also been stretching every morning. At today's appointment, I am going to ask if I can be cleared to ride a stationary cycle and also if I can do "running" in a swimming pool.

I was signed up for the Patriots Half Ironman, to be held tomorrow in Williamsburg, VA. I had to cancel my registration last week. However, it appears that the race is going to be cancelled anyway as Tropical Storm Hanna is threatening the Mid-Atlantic region starting late tonight, early tomorrow. So, even if I was healthy, I wouldn't have been able to race this weekend, anyway. Funny how things work out that way.

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