Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Duathlon Training

Training in two disciplines continues. I broke the 50 mile barrier on a bike ride Sunday and did my first brick since being "back" on Saturday. I trained with KDOG over the weekend as Chad was in Vegas at a bachelor party. She's just getting back into training too as she was in Africa for a couple of weeks. I think she was nervous about being able to keep up but obviously didn't have anything to worry about as she dropped me on both River Road Sunday and Massachusetts Avenue both Saturday and Sunday. We did all the hills on the MacArthur Blvd. route both days. I believe it was good training for me and my heart rate continues to fall each time I go out.

I've mapped out a training plan that takes me to November 1 and today will be a rest day in prep for the truncated, action-packed 45 days that lay ahead of me. I am going to comply with Dr. Vu's orders that I not swim but I am anticipating that I will be able to swim after our appointment on October 6.

The bubble in my eye continues to shrink, though it is still there. Additionally, vision in my right eye appears to be constricted, especially with peripheral vision. In fact, it almost got me hit at the intersection of MacArthur and Arizona as I thought the intersection was all clear and I rode into it at 21 mph... only to THEN see a car coming from the right. I have a slight blur in the right eye and some "spiders" or floaters that sometimes lead me to believe there is a bug crawling on the wall or my desk... when there isn't.

I was talking to a friend of mine after being back into a training regimen. I was telling her that I was cycling and running again. Regina asked me how it felt to be on a bike again. I thought about it a minute and the only word I could come up with as an answer was... FREEDOM. That is what cycling feels like to me... FREEDOM.

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