Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail

A few items to note...
1. I went on another epic ride with KDOG and Chad on Sunday. I had a blast. I did comment at about mile 54 that "I'll be happy when this is over but I'm just glad to be out here." We rode through a couple of rain showers and of course hit all the hills. I can't write better description of the ride than what is found here.

Bikes ready to roll

2. My brick on Saturday consisted of a faster bike and run pace. Very nice. I appear to be improving my speed while my heart rate continues to drop. Slowly getting back into shape.

3. I took yesterday off as I definitely had sore legs. I lifted weights today but workout was cut short as I have some soreness in my right wrist and also in my right arm just below my shoulder but above my bicep. It's not muscle soreness but more like joint or tendon pain.

Lastly... nothing like beating those damn Dallas Cowboys in Big D! Loved every minute of it though it was touch and go at the end.

How TJ felt about the Dallas Cowboys when he was a child.

JC: "Tony, I guess you're my punk biotch now." TR: "Anything you say, boss."

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