Sunday, September 14, 2008

Two of Three Ain't Bad

Do you ever speak in public? Do you use an icebreaker to get your talk going? One that I use is as follows...

"I learned about speaking in public from my Mema. She taught me to stand up to be seen, speak up to be heard and shut up to be appreciated. So, two out of three ain't bad."

What relation does this adage have to triathlon and Ironman training? As my doctor has cleared me for cycling and running, but not for swimming, I've been back in training mode with two of the three triathlon disciplines. Last Saturday, September 6, I ran for the first time since August 17. I essentially had three weeks off. It was rough as my heart rate was high though my pace was slow. I was encouraged by my first cycling adventure the following day, however. Though I did tire quickly, I didn't have much of a problem covering 29 miles in 96 minutes. I purposely took a hilly route, too.

Yes, my first ride after being off ended at the liquor store.

My eye was ok although it was kind of like a snow globe. The running kicked up a bunch of black dots that circled around in my field of vision. I still have the bubble in my eye though it does continue to shrink. It seems like over time, little bubbles break away and then they dissolve into my eye.

On Friday when I was running, I resolved that I believe I can do Ironman Florida on November 1. I felt good on the run and that good feeling was only surpassed on my run this morning. It was hot and humid this morning but I was able to do a negative split and I was really trucking the last three miles. I really felt strong as I did on yesterday's "Hills of the Bay" ride. Yesterday, my fellow riders couldn't keep up with me and I caught and passed a group of people who appeared to be serious riders.

The way I look at it, swimming is only 10% of an Ironman. I know I could swim 2.4 miles at the drop of a hat. It might not be fast but mentally, I know I can get through it. I also believe that I am intelligent enough about this sport on how to get through it without blowing myself out for the bike and run. And, if I'm training for bike and run these last six weeks, with my current fitness base, I believe it is still possible to not only finish an Ironman, but to hit my 12:15 goal time.

The only hang-up to this plan is that I am currently not cleared to swim and my doctor has recommended that I *NOT* do Ironman Florida on November 1.

My next doctor appointment is October 6. At that appointment, I will speak to the doctor and we'll know once and for all if I'm on for IMFL this year or not. I'm not willing to give up on it and I am going to train for cycling and running in the mean time as if it is a go.

I do have to map out a training plan for these next 45 days. More on that later.

We've got clearance, Clarence.

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