Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I returned to work today. It felt good and kept my mind off all the eye surgery stuff (and politics!). I did get tired towards the end of the day and have just chilled out since I returned home. While laying on the couch at home, I gave some thought to the events of the past week and I kept coming back to one word... gratitude. I have so much to be grateful for... even if I never get to participate again in the sport that I love so much, triathlon, I have gotten the opportunity to participate in over 20 races in 5 full seasons of training. That's a lot of miles logged... I've had more than my share already. I am and always will be an Ironman, even if I never swim, bike or run competitively again.

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Kirsten and Chad said...

You can't count out TJ yet! He is never down for the count!!

You will be right back there with the rest of us...remember Ironman's moniker...ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!