Saturday, December 1, 2007

11 Months to Showtime

I am a member of the DC Tri Club. We have been Mid-Atlantic Region Club champs three years running. The club is very active and is participating in the USAT Club Challenge. This month, the focus is on swimming. This is a good thing as I didn't swim the whole month of November. I've got to get back in the pool.

I have two other things to focus on this month... strength training and nutrition. As I posted earlier, I am in a heavy weight lifting routine. I have been very consistent with my weightlifting workouts and they are starting to payoff. Definitely packing on the muscle... which also means increase in body weight. I weighed in yesterday at 208. I'd like to be 190 lbs 11 months from today.

So, another goal this month is to eliminate "trigger" foods from my diet. Just for 31 days. No pizza, cocoa, cake, french fries, chips or other food that is, let's say, counterproductive. Already this morning (it's 8:23 am), I've been offered chicken wings. My daughter talked me into cooking her some wings that I had left over from the Cowboys vs. Packers game on Thursday night. She said she couldn't eat them all, so she offered some to me. Tempting... but no. It wouldn't look good if I couldn't go one hour (woke up at 7:30 am) without breaking my promise... NO TRIGGER FOOD THIS MONTH.

This is going to be tough.

OK, so there you have it... December 2007... 11 months to showtime... focus this month... swimming, strength training and better diet.

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