Friday, December 7, 2007

Week in Review

This week has been rather busy in real life so the training has taken a dip. I intended to swim, bike and run at least once this week. I didn't. I did stick to my weighlifting routine and have stuck to my diet of no trigger foods. It was tough as it snowed this week and a mug of cocoa was sounding pretty good. But, I stuck to my guns and managed to get through this full week without slipping. Seriously... no pizza, sweets, fried food, latte, cocoa or desserts.

The weightlifting is starting to pay off and I am packing on some muscle. I have to get some measurements done so I can chart where I'm starting at here and I should also post some photos so we can see the progression.

No progress on the bike search, although my training buddy Chad, president of DC Tri Club, made a list of bikes that I should check out.

- Kuota K Factor
- Kestrel Talon
- Quintana Roo Seduza
- Felt B2

Hopefully, I can make some time on Saturday or Sunday this weekend to look at some more bikes... and perhaps even clip in!

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