Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Plot Thickens

After today's DC Tri Club NTP Program planning meeting, I went over to Conte's Bikes with club president Chad Lewis and his fiance Kirsten. She was going to look at some tri bikes and I wanted to look at Cervelo and Conte's is a local Cervelo dealer. I was kind of spacing around the shop and came across a Cervelo P2C. It's a carbon frame tri bike with Dura Ace components. It is cherry. To top it off, they're selling it for $2700. I test rode the bike and a Cannondale Slice that they had in my size, too. The Cervelo was so much nicer. I plan on going over tomorrow and completing the transaction.

Here is a complete review of the bike and I found many of the things stated in the review to be right on. I believe this is the bike for me.

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