Monday, December 3, 2007

It's Not About the Bike

My search for a new tri bike has begun. Yesterday, I visited Race Pace in Columbia, MD to look at their tri bike selection. They carry Felt and Trek. I looked at the Equinox 9 made by Trek ($2000) and at the Felt B2 ($3400). I'd really like to buy a road bike and a tri bike as on some rides, a tri bike just is not appropriate.

Currently, I ride a Quintana Roo USA Special Edition. I bought it three years ago and I have worn it out. Put in a lot of miles on that thing. Something that stands out in my mind is that I did my first tri on a 20 year old Schwinn that is really just a commuter bike. The QR is a tri-specific bike and I never did more than three minutes faster on the Columbia Tri course than I did on that old Schwinn. That has taught me that Lance Armstrong is right... it isn't about the bike. It's about the motor... my legs and my mind.

However, I do need to get a new bike as the QR is exhausted. Looking at the B2 has been an eye opener on the newer technology and ideas that have been applied to tri-bike construction. At the same time, I'd like to keep the money I spend realistic. I could spend $5000 + on a bike... but my head AND my heart tells me that it would be wiser to put that kind of my money into my daughter's college savings account than into a bike.

My search for a bike should take about 30 days. I want to check out lots of different choices and balance performance with financial sense.

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