Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Houston, We Have a Problem

OK, the diagnosis is in. I have a detached retina in my right eye, two retina tears in my right eye and a retina tear in my left eye. IMMEDIATE surgery on my right eye was required yesterday because the doctor feared that delay would result in losing sight in my right eye. More about retina detachments and tears can be found here and here. The surgery I had yesterday is called Pneumatic Retinopexy.

Therefore, I have to sit (and sleep) propped up with my head in an upright position, looking forward. I cannot go into work and I certainly can't workout. Of course, this is happening at a bad time. We are in a crucial time at work. We are reloading and in essence, operating in startup mode on a couple of major projects. I am also at peak training time for Ironman Florida, as readers of this blog already know. My family like having 100% of me around, too. So, the timing really sucks.

But, at least we know now what was wrong.


Dede said...

Hey man!!! I hope you recover quickly and are up and running again real soon. Hang in there!!


Anonymous said...

Hey men wish a fast recovery. How this happen? Well STill time for Ironmen so REST and RECOVERY first.


Anonymous said...

What the hell did you do to yourself T?!? You've got to stop letting those little girls beat on you. What can you do but get some -much needed- rest?? Hope you get better soon.


Alice said...

Hope you feel better soon so you can start training soon! love you :)

The Clyde said...

Wow, you don't want to mess around with your eyes. Get those fixed up.

Hope the recovery is swift for you so you can get back on it.

Anonymous said...

Hey bash brother, wow. Crazy - I had a detached retina in my right eye a few years back. I had a schleral buckle surgery.
You should be all right man - it's been years since for me and that stuff is not uncommon.
Now we're really bros!

Kip said...
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Kip said...

What a lame excuse not to train! Detached retina? I've got a detached brain everytime I enter get up at 5am to go run. Give it a rest. Come up with a better excuse next time. And what's with you putting on your wife's makeup man? First of all, it's a terrible makeup job and secondly, rouge is just not your color. Use Estee Lauder next time and go with a good foundation first. It just looks like you pulled out the magic marker and drew around your eye. Why not pull the strawberry jam out of the fridge and smear it in your eye socket? You could even reenact the eye gouging scene from Robin Hood...."Because it'll hurt more you twit!" Either way, there's no way your going a get a head start with the disabled athletes at IMFL---you're already racing as a Clydesdale---isn't that enough? :)

Seriously though, total bummer man! Get well soon and once you're ready, we'll get you back in shape for IMFL in no time.