Sunday, August 10, 2008


Savage Training weekend was cut a little short. But not before getting in two days of riding the SavageMan Bike Course. I managed to get in a bike/run brick on Friday and then a couple of hours after biking the course Saturday, I got in a half hour swim along the shores of the lake. I had to leave earlier than planned because Ironman training is definitely putting a strain on relationships within my family.

A few random thoughts related to my time up in the mountains of Western Maryland:

1. Deep Creek Lake is very beautiful this time of year. it is cooler than here in the DC area, the terrain is very hilly and the lake lends itself to some attractive open water swimming opportunities.

2. The SavageMan bike course is the hardest bike course I've ever ridden. The first 20 miles are essentially downhill and then the next 30 miles is just murder. On some of the hills I was only going 4 or 5 miles per hour, I had to get out of my bike seat on a number of occasions and often had to weave left and right in order to navigate up the mountains.

3. Two places in particular standout... Westernport Wall and Miller Road. The climbing is the toughest I have ever done. All other hilly rides I have done pale in comparison.

4. A sight I will never forget is on the Westernport Wall climb on Saturday, we encountered DC Tri Club members scattered across the hill. KDOG, Chad and I passed them and I felt pretty good that this was the second day in a row I had done it and managed to scale it both times without stopping.

5. We stayed in a little cabin called the Whitetail. It was very cute. I stayed up in the loft and the hot tub definitely came in handy after the bike rides.

6. My eating habits have regressed. I have been eating chips, drinking soda and even had ice cream on Friday night. I have got to get back on the beam as this is a critical time here and I can't let the diet keep me from reaching my goal.

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Anonymous said...

It's a good thing you left early: 8 of 13 people who stayed in our house at Deep Creek last week got a horrible virus. You would not have had such a good training week had you and JR stayed.