Sunday, August 10, 2008


I saw more deer on my 8.75 mile run today than I did in the 48 hours I was out in Western Maryland. I saw three deer on the run and only two on those crazy bike rides and the run. Chad observed that they have more room to spread out there compared to the little sliver of Sligo Creek Park.

I willingly got in the pool today, too. About two hours after my run, I did 3 x 500 at Franklin Knolls. The pool manager observed that she hadn't seen me in a while. It's nice to be missed but... quite frankly, I am shooting for, "geez... you again?"

My legs felt real strong on today's run. I am thinking that the two rides on SavageMan were breakthrough workouts. A detail I left out was the my average heart rate was 136 and 127 respectively on the two rides. I was doing low eight minute miles (8 and change) and my average HR was still only about 144.

I cleaned my bike this morning, too. Looks nice and is ready for another ride... which will come tomorrow. As I planned at being at Deep Creek through tomorrow night, I am off work tomorrow. So, I intend to get in a 60 - 80 miles, if possible. Still trying to figure out a route and who can come with me, if anyone.

A few more random thoughts from the SavageMan workouts...

1. When we were coming down this descent on Friday, I could see this road off to our left that seemed to go up and up and up and had a few nasty switchbacks. Somehow, I knew when we came to the bottom of the hill that we would be taking a left on that road. Chad called out, "LEFT" and I exclaimed, "I was afraid you were going to say that" anyway. That road... Miller Road.

2. We have a buddy in the DC Tri Club named Guillermo Cabrera. I was musing that he has the best cyclist name in the club.

3. The brick run on Friday was more like a chase. KDOG spotted a path in the woods and, well, she never misses a good opportunity for a trail run. I proceeded to chase her for about three miles and I think one time we actually ran in a circle.

4. I would have liked to swum (is that a word) more in the lake on Saturday. But, the swim was a little disorganized in getting away from the dock and then we didn't really have a set course. Plus, a few of the swimmers were new club members and may have been in only their first or second OWS. I was the only Ironman in the group. That is a neat feeling, by the way.

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Anonymous said...

On my run at Deep Creek on Thursday, I crested a hill and practically ran into a small family of deer: 2 adults and 2 or 3 fawns, some in the road and some on either side. I had to slow to let them pass. (This is really Jessica).