Sunday, August 3, 2008

Withering Workouts

Ouch. I forgot how intense Ironman training can be. I am in a build phase and this week was tough. You can see from the attached that there was very high volume this past week. And, I missed a swim workout. I didn't get in a long swim. That's right... 1500 meters doesn't qualify as a long swim.

Today found me on another epic ride. I rode from my house, met the DC Tri Club gang down at the Washington Monument and rode out to Seneca. Then, Kip and I soldiered on to Sugarloaf Mountain. I felt good for about 60 miles. Then, the suffering began. It was a nice morning but after 11 am it got real warm and the sun was blaring down.

Funny side note... when we were on top of Sugarloaf and resting for a bit. I recognized a family who was walking around... it was the Hunter's from Worth Avenue. They're my neighbors. In fact, their daughter Molly, who is in kindergarten, I idolizes Jessica Rose. Funny to see people out of context.

River Road on the way back was definitely a challenge. Then, Kip and I split at Persimmon Tree and I foolishly chose to ride Bradley Blvd. back into Bethesda. I didn't realize it was just one long three mile hill from River Road into Bethesda. Just what I needed at mile 95. Yuck.

Two bricks this week... bike/run brick yesterday down in Annapolis and a swim/run brick Friday morning. When I was in Annapolis, I bumped into some DC Tri ladies... Julie, AJ and Kimberly. I rode with them for about 45 minutes as they were going back to New Carrollton.

Next weekend is supposed to be Savage Training Weekend up in Deep Creek Lake. I thought I had everything dialed in for this trip but some family issues may prevent me from going... stay tuned.

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