Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bike Tuneup

I got another swim in this morning. I swam at the YMCA with CB and I did 2500 meters in just over 50 minutes. I did a 1 x 1500 followed by a 1 x 1000. My average heart rate was 121. To be honest with you, it felt pretty easy. The air was very cool and mist was coming off the pool as the heated water touched the cool air. I wore a new nose clip and a swim cap. I'll swim again Friday and hopefully push it up to 3000 meters. Then a last pool swim at the Y on Tuesday and on Thursday, one loop practice swim at Panama City Beach.

I took my bike to Conte's today. They are going to tune it up and put some aero wheels on the bike. I'm getting a pair of Zipp 404s. I've never ridden with aero wheels so we'll see how it goes. I'll try them out this weekend. I need a new cassette and chain, too. I pick up the bike on Thursday. I'm pretty excited. However, I am concerned about the tires going flat and if they can support my big behind. Bike Transport will pick up my bike on Sunday at noon. So, I should be able to get out for a last brick on Saturday and a short ride on Sunday.

I leave for Florida a week from tomorrow. My mind is starting to race. I need to stay busy to keep it from going to NegativeTown.

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