Monday, October 13, 2008

The Last Long Ride

I got in a 95 mile bike ride yesterday. Capitol Hill to Sugarloaf Mountain and back. Was accompanied by KDOG and Chad. Chad, of course, raced ahead of us and we pretty much followed him by 5 - 10 minutes throughout the ride. It was chilly early but warmed up and was a beautiful day. We didn't stop at the top of Sugarloaf... simply rode up and down, stopping only at the bottom for a porta potty break and refill on water.

At mile 56, we were going through some cornfields and horse farm country... north of Poolesville but south of Dickerson... I was riding by a field of horses and was in a clearing of sun drenched road.... I noticed that I was grinning ear to ear. Definitely a good time...

until River Road. There are about 8 rollers over a 15 mile stretch that drain me every time I ride them. I managed to not fall too far behind but was definitely ready for the ride to end by the time we got to Falls Road. The last 20 miles are always easier than miles 60 - 80. Psychologically, it is comforting to know that the end is near.

Overall, I believe "I'm there". This is the 5th time I did this ride although the first time since August 3. My pace was 17.17 MPH but my average heart rate was only 133. I should be fine for IMFL... which is now less than three weeks away. In fact, the Athlete Guide is already posted on the web site. I think they assign bib numbers on Thursday. So, I should know my number by this weekend.

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The Lazy Triathlete said...

You have it. You will do great. Its all about the taper now.