Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Trust the Taper

I swam the 3000 meters on Friday morning and did a 5 mile tempo run that afternoon. I did a light bike ride on Sunday with Jessica Rose and other than that, I've been a slug. It has been rainy and cold the past two days. I was supposed to swim this morning but realized I packed all my swimming stuff (goggles, nose clips and ear plugs) and sent them off to Florida with bike transport on Sunday. UGH. I'm going to try and do a light run and perhaps even ride my commuter bike around a little before I leave TOMORROW for Florida. I'm drinking lots of water, coffee only in the morning and trying to stick to fruits, vegetables and pasta throughout the day. Work and "life" are keeping my mind occupied but I assume once I get on the plane and start making my way down to Panama City Beach, my mind will start to focus on being nervous again.


Kirsten and Chad said...

Woohoo! You've done this before; as you say, trust the taper. You've done the work that'll get you to the finish line. Now you just gotta keep your head in the game.

Insureit1 said...

Good luck with the race!! I have been following your blog for several months and look forward to reading about your race. Nov 1 I start my one year count down to the 2009 Florida Ironman. Good luck and have a safe race!!

TJ said...

Thanks for the well wishes. I'll be on my way tomorrow morning. Chomping at the bit here at work today!!!