Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I Don't Want to Run. I Can't Stop Running.

I woke up late today... 4:45 am. Supposed to do a long run. Definitely was dragging ass. No oatmeal so I ate cereal, which isn't agreeable to my stomach on a long run. Was thinking up thousands of excuses not to run. No running partner today. Busy day planned at work. I stretched out and then said, get going cowboy. You have to get 'er done.

So, I bounded out of the house at 6 am and started putting one foot in front of the other. I don't really feel like running kept going through my mind. After 20 minutes, that thought was gone. I ran without the iPod today and my mind wandered all over the place. Work... 4th of July weekend... Ironman... blue sky... Total 200... Obama vs. McCain...

Next thing I know, an hour had gone by. And I was in a rhythym. I ran from my house, through the neighborhood, down Flower all the way to New Hampshire. I stopped by Chad's Chamber on the way back up Sligo and ran all the way to Arcola. Then, I circled back home.

At this point, I was getting somewhat disappointed as the run was going to end in about 20 minutes. Amazing. I don't want to run. I can't stop running. All within 120 minutes of each other.

Tale of the tape... 14.5 miles in 127 minutes. Average heart rate... 142. And, it was easy. Could have gone further. I believe that is less than 9 minute miles over 14.5 miles. This is starting to get a little crazy.

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