Sunday, July 20, 2008

Training State Update

Some people live in a Red State. Some live in a Blue State. I live in a State of constant training. And, here is my latest update. I have had four off days in this past two week period. The Total 200 had a lot to do with that. Additionally, my second tri of the season is a week from today. I got swim sessions in three days in a row. Today, I swam at Hains Point. Swimming there is good as it is a 50 meter pool and it more closely approximates an open water swim as there are less turns. My swimming is slow, I believe... but my endurance is fine. It is very possible that next week we will not be able to swim with a wet suit. The water will be too warm.

I intend to taper this week so don't expect to see high mileage the next time I post an update. I have remained constant with my two weightlifting sessions a week and have also got in two core sessions each week. My diet, although overall has been good, has not been as rigid as would have liked. I really need some help sticking to my diet plan.

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