Saturday, July 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Jessica Rose

JR turns 11 years old today. She's a great kid. Linda and I are very blessed to have her in our life. I love her more than anything else in the world.

So, that means a lot of activity today. Started off the day with a bike ride. Blowing out the in 56 miles in just under 3 hours. We were averaging about 19 MPH on a tough ride. Capitol Hill to Seneca and back. Lots of hills... Mountain Gate, Old Anglers Inn, Esworthy, River Road and Massachusetts Avenue. It was a beautiful morning... blue sky... sunny and not too humid for the ride. Everything is green. Very nice.

It was kind of a strange ride, however. There were six of us, all good riders. But, we got separated out on MacArthur and at one point on Seneca, two of us were going one way and the other four passed by us going in the other direction. That was second time on the ride that I passed others on the ride with me going in the other direction. In fact, we didn't all finish together and to be honest, I don't know if one of the riders made it back or not as I didn't see her after we got on 66 heading towards Hains Point.

When I got home, I took JR and Linda out for birthday brunch. I ate like a horse. We're heading over to the pool now... JR and a bunch of her girlfriends will be there together and we're going to do a little pizza and cake about 4:30. Good times... but I'm worn out already!


Kirsten and Chad said...

TJ - good ride. I'm glad for the company even though it didn't seem like it. Hope you ate lots of "recovery" cake.

Laurel made it back. I'm sorta sorry I contributed to the weirdness of the ride, but then again, I got nothing to apologize for. :)

TJ said...

Put me down as a married guy who knows when a woman needs to be alone.

Yes, I had *a* bite of cake. Girls were in the pool for about four hours.

I even got a 1500 swim in, too. Great success.