Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Race Season

For me, today is the beginning of race season. July 2008 will bring my first race of the year, the New Jersey Triathlon on July 27. I am doing the Total 200, a 200 bike ride, on July 12. Four months from today, I'll be participating in Ironman Florida. So, this really is the start of race season.

So, I started by having a rest day. A rest day is often overlooked in a triathlete's training regimen. Especially if the person is named TJ Collins. I haven't truly had a day off in some time. June 14 was my last "off" day. On Monday's when I haven't swam, biked or run, I did lift weights and do a core workout. Today, I haven't done anything. Well, I did walk to work, a 25 minute walk. And, I did ride a bike home from work. But, it is less than 2 miles and the first mile is all downhill. Hmmm... for me it is an off day but would that technically be considered an off day?

Psychologically, I feel pretty good about my race prospects. I've had some breakthrough workouts and I definitely gained some confidence at the Training Tri. I wish they would post the results already.

This weekend, I'm going down to the beach and I intend to take advantage of some training opportunities. Hopefully, I'll get an ocean swim in. I'm doing a 100 mile bike ride. And, tomorrow... long run... going to get a two hour run in. Longest run so far thi season.

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