Sunday, July 6, 2008

Training Update

I just finished my highest volume of biking in a single week in this training season. This was planned as the Total 200 is on Saturday. I'll probably only bike one day this coming week, on Thursday, as I taper a bit for what is to come on Saturday.

I also completed my first Open Water Swim of the season. Friday, we swam in the ocean for about 40 minutes. I swam against the current so it was a good exercise. I felt very comfortable and had not nervousness at all. I was swimming very strong and felt good in the sleeveless wet suit. The swim also came after a 60 mile bike ride, so it was a brick workout.

Last week, I completed my longest run of the training season, too. 14.5 miles on a solo run. My two other runs were part of brick workouts while down at the beach.

So, I'm definitely dialed in on the training. Right where I am supposed to be. The rest of the month will bring some work to prep for Total 200 and the New Jersey Triathlon. It's a flat course and I've been kicking around the idea of trying to break 2:30 on that course. I think it's possible... if I did a 70 minute bike, 50 minute run that would give me another 30 minutes for the swim and transition.

If there is one thing that I've learned... ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. The body can do so much more if the mind will just let it.

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