Thursday, July 10, 2008


I weighed myself at the gym today. I am down to 196 pounds. That is the weight I was at for Ironman Florida 2006. Readers of this blog know that I'm looking to get down to 190 pounds. So, I only have 6 more pounds to go. Started this out at 214.

The results of the weigh-in were surprising as 4th of July weekend was a no holds barred eating fest. I had it all... pizza, fries, chips, desserts, whole milk latte's and probably a case of diet coke from Wednesday through Monday. It all started at the swim meet Wednesday night as I was working the grill. I think I had three cheeseburgers and a hot dog.

When I went to work Monday, I was planning on getting back to normal. However, yesterday, I had a major slip and ate steak & cheese sub at lunch with a plate of fries. Then, last night at the swim meet, I had another burger, some pizza and more fries.

A brief word about last night's swim meet... Jessica Rose was in 1st place for 9 - 10 year old girls in the 50 meter freestyle. I am very proud of her but am concerned... she'll probably be swimming faster than me by next summer.

But, I digress. I was very happy when I stepped off the scale today... now I just have to stick to my diet routine. I'm looking to get through Labor Day without any more slips... no pizza, chips, desserts, latte, fries, soda or other unhealthy trigger foods that can leave me short of my 190 pound goal.

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